Ethical search engine optimization – high positions, low risk

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How do people find your Web site?

Research shows between 75% and 98.8% of people on the Internet use search engines to find what they’re looking for. And, of course, most of those start at the top of the displayed results and work downwards. So your Internet marketing needs to secure one of those top positions to maximize your traffic and reap the benefits of your investment in your Web site.

Making your Web site more visible

As the Web becomes more crowded and competitive it’s more and more difficult to get those high positions. Web Positioning Centre uses proven Web site promotion techniques to make your site more visible to search engines, and so more visible to your potential customers.

That means increased traffic, more profitability and a better ROI (return on investment).

Effective Internet marketing – your site’s code and content

In many ways, effective Web site promotion on search engines is simple – the content on your pages needs to be carefully targeted, and made available to and indexable by search engines. So both the technical and content aspects of the site need to addressed.

But the details of what we do vary from site to site. That means we provide a powerful bespoke service for each of our clients, using proven techniques that won’t get you into trouble.

The technical side of SEO »

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What’s Ethical Search Engine Optimization?

Web Positioning Centre has an Ethical Search Engine Optimization policy. We do not knowingly break search engines’ rules. Attaining high search engine positionings safely and ethically demands four steps, each of which demands rigorous implementation.

  1. A detailed understanding of what each of the major search engines require from Web sites
  2. Content that appeals to search engines and human visitors
  3. Making that content readable to search engine spiders
  4. An effective linking strategy

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Beware! When the wrong type of Web site promotion can cause you problems

The search engine world is changing constantly. Many older SEO strategies are proving unworkable – in fact, not only are most of those techniques ineffective, but many can break the rules laid down by search engines. So be careful search engines don’t penalize your site for cheating.